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Finished Pruning 6000 Plants!

We finished pruning the blueberry plants last week which is record time for us.  It helps when you don’t have to trudge through 2 feet of snow to begin pruning in March and it also helps that the folks who help us prune are very good.  Now comes the part we all dread…picking up the canes!row20

The picture above is of row 20 in the second field which is a variety called Northland.  This particular field was planted about 30 years ago and the Northland plants have experienced extraordinary growth in that time.  Maybe too extraordinary!  They produce very nice abundant fruit but they tend to take over the rows creating a jungle atmoshphere in our second field.  As a result, we have been severely pruning this variety and this particular row was pruned with a chainsaw.  In the next picture you will see row 6 in the second field which is another row of Northlands.  This row was cut down with a chainsaw about 3 years ago and has grown nicely with a large amount of blossoms for this year. 


While we were pruning last week, we spotted a pair of eagles flying very high towards the south over Bow Lake.   This was exciting to see because they are probably the pair of eagles which has been seen on Bow Lake for the last two years.   Our hope is that this pair will successfully build a nest and produce chicks.  For more information on New Hampshire eagles visit the audubon web site at http://www.nhaudubon.org/ 

Our shipment of blueberry plants has just arrived so stay tuned to the blog for a special offer to buy plants now.  We’ll have more information in the next few days.