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Planting Time

We just received our shipment of two year old plants and they are ready to plant!  In the above picture, our dog Mac is checking out the new blueberry plants for a brief moment and then he was off on a search for tennis balls. 

This year we are offering the varieties Patriot and Blue Ray which are cold hardy plants to zone 3.  We grow about 600 Blue Rays in our second field and they have always been very successful producing large, sweet berries.   The Patriot variety is also a large, sweet berry but the plant itself does not grow as large as the Blue Ray.  We recommend two varieties for cross-pollination.

This year we have 3 sale dates for the blueberries and we will also be selling a limited number of raspberry plants.  Come visit us on Saturday, May 1 and Sunday, May 2 from 9am to 1pm and again on Saturday, May 8 from 9am to 1pm.  The blueberry plants will be selling for $14.95 and raspberry plants will be sold for $5 each.  Blueberry plants make a nice Mother’s Day gift and are a great native species to use in your landscaping.  Unfortunately, we will not be taking phone orders this year so it is first come, first serve.

If you are a member of Facebook, be sure to check out our new Facebook fan page created by my daughter.  We hope to post some of the customer pictures here during the season.


Pruning Time Again

Once again we are out in the fields pruning the blueberries and in the above picture, Mike is pruning dead canes from the blackberries.  The bushes look good and most of the snow has disappeared from the fields which has allowed us to start pruning sooner.  On Monday, March 22 we will be hosting a pruning workshop  for highbush blueberries which will take place from 4:30 to 7:30.  The workshop is sponsored by the UNH Cooperative Extension folks who will have several speakers talking about diseases and pests common to blueberries, pollination of blueberry plants and a pruning demonstration.  Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear as you never know what the weather can bring.

Last Hurrah!

The blueberry season is officially over at Berrybogg Farm and overall the season was a success.  Definitely too much rain in July but August was much better and of course the berries seemed to do very well with all the rain.   Don’t forget that we will be selling blueberry plants in May so give us a call at 603-664-2100 before Mother’s Day and check our website for specific times and dates for blueberry plants.

We will leave you with a few pictures of the end of summer picking.


fatherand daughter





Ringing the bell for the last customer to come out of the fields!  Below are  some of the last customers checking out!

last customers 09

Finished Pruning 6000 Plants!

We finished pruning the blueberry plants last week which is record time for us.  It helps when you don’t have to trudge through 2 feet of snow to begin pruning in March and it also helps that the folks who help us prune are very good.  Now comes the part we all dread…picking up the canes!row20

The picture above is of row 20 in the second field which is a variety called Northland.  This particular field was planted about 30 years ago and the Northland plants have experienced extraordinary growth in that time.  Maybe too extraordinary!  They produce very nice abundant fruit but they tend to take over the rows creating a jungle atmoshphere in our second field.  As a result, we have been severely pruning this variety and this particular row was pruned with a chainsaw.  In the next picture you will see row 6 in the second field which is another row of Northlands.  This row was cut down with a chainsaw about 3 years ago and has grown nicely with a large amount of blossoms for this year. 


While we were pruning last week, we spotted a pair of eagles flying very high towards the south over Bow Lake.   This was exciting to see because they are probably the pair of eagles which has been seen on Bow Lake for the last two years.   Our hope is that this pair will successfully build a nest and produce chicks.  For more information on New Hampshire eagles visit the audubon web site at http://www.nhaudubon.org/ 

Our shipment of blueberry plants has just arrived so stay tuned to the blog for a special offer to buy plants now.  We’ll have more information in the next few days.

Black Flies Have Arrived!

We finished pruning the other day and we are now trying to clear all the rows of pruned blueberry canes which is back-breaking work.  As you can see from the picture, we have even put our dog Mac to work.  However, he is taking the cane the wrong way!  The pile in back of the dog is some of what we pushed out of the first field and you can also see a pile of drip irrigation hose.  We made a last minute decision to replace all the hose this year since we were spending too much time replacing pieces that have been damaged over the years.  The mice do a number on the hose but sometimes when we mow the rows we run it over. 

The black flies have arrived right on schedule!  It was windy yesterday so they weren’t too bad but they can really be viscious once they start biting.  We are expecting the arrival of our blueberry plant shipment this week.  These are two year old plants which we offer for sale during the season but we are hoping to pot them up before next weekend so we can offer them for sale to folks who would like to plant this spring.  Also, Mother’s Day is approaching and we thought they would make great gifts.  We thought we had plenty of pots in the barn but we only found two so we need to rush out and buy some.  Never a dull moment!