Pick Your Own Blueberries in Strafford, NH

Happy 4th of July!

Yummy strawberries!  New Hampshire is nearing the end of the strawberry season but there is still time to grab some of these before your 4th of July celebration.  Check out your local farmer’s market or head to a local farm to pick your own.  I picked these at the Monahan Farm in East Kingston and made delicious strawberry and strawberry rhubarb jam for the farm this summer.  Check out the website Pick Your Own. Org for a listing of farms by county or head over to Seacoast Eat Local for additional farm and farmer’s market listings.

The blueberry crop for the coming season is looking great and there are tons of berries forming on the bushes but they are still green.  Hopefully we will be open for picking around the second week in July but in the meantime we are busy trying to keep up with the maintenance of the fields.  One of the new projects we have been working on is to update our screen house adjacent to the check out shack.  When we added the screen house six years ago, out plan was to sell the jams, baked goods, veggies and honey from here as our check out shack was too small to add these items.  However, it was never very inviting and most customers were puzzled as to its purpose.  So we have enlisted the help of our good friend Dennis Johnson who has owned and operated a successful florist business in Boston and is the current owner of Zinnia Cottage  and an Etsy storefront specializing in antique and home decor.  Dennis has a great merchandising background and with his help and guidance we are slowly transforming the screen house into the new fabulous farm store. Here are some of the before and in transition photos.  I’ll post the grand reveal soon.

Finally, we had a special guest who visited us at the farm a few weeks ago.  The fabulous Fifi O’Neill and photographer extraordinaire, Mark Lohman were here taking photos for a future project. We managed to provide a spectacular thunderstorm complete with power outages and 90 degree temperatures but Mark and Fifi persevered and the results were spectacular.  That’s all I can say about their visit but if you get a chance, check out Fifi and Mark’s latest book, the lovely Romantic Prairie Style.    


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