Pick Your Own Blueberries in Strafford, NH

Almost Over But Still Good Picking!

We have a variety of blueberries in our first field called Late Blues and when the first customer brings down a bucket (not quite ripe) then we know the season is getting near the end.  Unfortunately, that happened today and coincidentally this will be the last week for our college bound employees who we will miss very much.  We wish Ben, Chris and Liz much luck (and fun!) during the school year and a big thank you for being great employees.  Below is a picture of the boys with just picked fruit.


The next photo is of Liz standing in deep water after a huge thunderstorm last week.  We actually dragged out the sump pump to get rid of water so customers could get into the second field.


The following photos are of just some of the customers who came to visit us during the week.  The season is not quite over so make sure you come out for the last hurrah!





And finally a big thank you to our handyman, weekend warrior and bug expert Michael who commutes to Massachusetts to work all week and works all weekend during the blueberry season.  Someone buy that man a beer!



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