Pick Your Own Blueberries in Strafford, NH

Fantastic Season


We are currently starting our second week of picking and all three fields are coming on strong.  Blueberry plants love rain and coupled with the excellent pollination we received in May, the plants are loaded with fruit.   We are open everyday except Monday and except in cases of torrential rain and thunderstorms we are open for picking. 


These lucky kids are having a great summer and scored a ride out on the golf cart.  We primarily use the golf cart to take people who have a hard time walking from the parking lot to the fields but we are always happy to give anyone a ride if we aren’t busy.


One of our Bow Lake neighbors came to pick Sunday with the young couple who are visiting from Switzerland.  They had a lot of fun and were amazed at how many blueberry plants were on the farm.  Unfortunately, the gentleman on the right lost his prescription glasses in row 13 of the first field and has yet to be able to find them.  Be on the lookout all first field pickers!


We provide buckets and bags for customers but a lot of our customers bring their own containers and these are two of our friends checking out with their lovely baskets.  If you bring your own containers, please let us weigh them before you go out to pick.


Finally, a picture of my nephews polishing off a pie but before that, they were in our second field busily picking blueberries.  Their brother is off to the side examining the many creatures which inhabit our pond.  On Tuesday I spotted a mink and yesterday we had a chorus of bullfrogs chanting to the customers.  Sometimes we are lucky to spot river otters playing in the pond or the large snapping turtle sunning himself on the large rock in the middle.    Who knows what you’ll see at the farm!


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