Pick Your Own Blueberries in Strafford, NH

Happy Pickers


The farm opened for picking on Wednesday and this happy group emerged from our third field with lots of good blueberries.  Today’s weather was a bit on the warm side which has been something we haven’t seen much of this summer!   We definitely recommend bringing mosquito spray for early morning and late afternoon picking.

Although we are about 4 or 5 days behind schedule because of the weather, we are very pleased with the crop this year.   The blueberries have thrived with an abundance of rain and the pollination of our blossoms in May was excellent.   We expect our second field with Northland and Blueray varieties to open some time next week and this field also promises a very good crop.

It was great seeing returning customers over the last two days and also meeting new customers.   Our apologies to anyone who had a difficult time finding our farm.  Sometimes a GPS will send you to 650 Province Rd. in Barrington.  We are located on 650 Province Road in Strafford across the street from Bow Lake.


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