Pick Your Own Blueberries in Strafford, NH

It Did Not Rain Today!

We actually went a whole day without rain today.  In fact, the sun was so bright when we took this picture of my husband floating around the pond that his white shirt caused quite a reflection.   We had so much rain the day before (I believe it was close to 6 inches of rain) that the rock which is above the bow of the boat was submerged.  It usually is about 12 inches out of the water and the large snapping turtles use it to sun themselves. 

My husband Michael wins the award for hardest worker this summer.  Not only does he work every weekend at the farm but then he drives to Massachusetts on Monday to work at his “real” job all week.  Last night he went up to the farm and actually dragged the sump pump up to the field to drain one of the massive puddles we had in one of the paths.  He also did a few loads of gravel with the tractor and in the above picture he was fishing trash out of the pond.

Unfortunately, my husband wasn’t the only one in the blueberry field last night.  We had vandals break in to our screen house and take a lot of the food jars we have for sale.  They took our bright yellow water cooler and threw some beer bottles around.  Actually, not so bad until we noticed that they had stolen our American flag from the large flag pole in front of the stand.  That flag was given to us when my dad passed away to honor his service in the Navy.  We can always get another flag but that was just mean.  Here’s hoping all that honey and salsa they stole gives them really bad indigestion!


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