Pick Your Own Blueberries in Strafford, NH

Fabulous Picking

What a surprise! It’s raining today so I have time to post to our blog.  Hopefully tomorrow will yield better weather because the picking is wonderful in all three blueberry fields.  Yesterday ended up turning into a great day for picking because the weather was cloudy and cool and I’m sure many people decided not to go to the beach and ended up getting some blueberries.  That was the case for my sister-in-law and niece who were supposed to be having a relaxing day at the pool but came to pick instead.  The photos of them were taken in our third field which has a bumper crop of Berkeley blueberries. 


Many thanks to our summer neigbor Susan who thought she was coming across the street to chat and pick berries but instead was pressed into service behind the booth.   It had been pretty slow all morning until Susan showed up with all the customers so we have her to thank for the burst in business.  Now if we can just get her to visit during the pruning season…

  This little picker is showing everyone how to pick just the right berries.  She came earlier in the season and her father gave my mom this photo.  Hopefully she’ll be picking blueberries for many years to come. 

I wanted to remind everyone that this week is Eat Local Week in New Hampshire.  Celebrate all the local food grown and produced in New Hampshire by visiting a local farmer’s market or farm.  Challenge yourself to a meal or two of New Hampshire grown foods.  For more news about events and news, visit www.nheatlocalweek.org .


One response

  1. Susan

    Wow, I’m mentioned on the blog! I enjoyed visiting with you and picking some delicious blueberries. If my appearance would bring you a burst of pruners I’d be happy to stop by, but I somehow doubt it would work out that way!

    August 7, 2008 at 2:31 pm

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