Pick Your Own Blueberries in Strafford, NH

Happy Pickers

We had a tremendous amount of people come out to pick this past weekend.  I think everyone was shocked to see the sun and wanted to get outside after the past week’s rain and storms.  The above picture was a fun group of people who came on Saturday afternoon and did their best to pick a lot of berries and scare the birds away too! 

The birds have always been a problem at the farm.  My father and mother tried many things over the years to rid the fields of birds to no avail.  We had fake owls placed on poles throughout the field, a noise maker which made a sound resembling a bird in distress, streamers hung on poles which would flash in the wind and all of it would work for a small amount of time but the birds always figured it out.  So my parents finally gave up and yes, we do get a lot of damaged fruit from bird pecks but we seem to have enough good fruit to satisfy our customers.


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