Pick Your Own Blueberries in Strafford, NH

Swimming Along

My son took this picture two days ago of a river otter who was having a good time in the pond next to the blueberry fields.  There were actually three otters in the pond and at one point one of the otters was climbing the large rock in the pond and sliding down into the water.  The otters are a lot of fun to watch but they don’t stay too long which is too bad because I would gladly pay them to entertain the customers.  Our farm is very close to the Isinglass River so I’m assuming they make their way to the pond by way of the wetland area below the blueberry fields and then stay to dine on the frogs.

Today we were closed for the first time this season due to the inclement weather.  We have all had enough of all the rain which has fallen over the past week but today was definitely the worst.  Unfortunately there was quite a bit of damage in several of the towns north and west of our farm due to a tornado or microburst.  We were very fortunate that the storm skirted our town but others were not so fortunate and our thoughts are with everyone who suffered damage.   Let’s hope the rest of the summer returns to normal weather patterns.


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