Pick Your Own Blueberries in Strafford, NH

Blueberry Bob!

This is Bob! Bob likes blueberries.  Bob buys lots of blueberries.  We really really like Bob!  Just teasing you Bob!  Bob helped us prune blueberries this year and I think he would agree that picking blueberries is much more pleasant than pruning them in the snow. 

Picking has been fabulous so far and the hot sunny weather is speeding up ripening for our mid-season berries.  We opened our second field on Tuesday for picking Northland berries.  This field is loaded with berries but each year it presents a challenge to the pickers on how to actually get down the rows to pick the berries.  Each year we prune heavily hoping to thwart the bushes into submission and each year it looks like a jungle.  Mowing this field is also a challenge because you must proceed slowly, gently pushing branches out of the way while avoiding the many rocks that we have generously sprinkled throughout the field.  I make my son mow this field!

Here are some pictures of super pickers who were visiting the farm today.  My nephews!  Below that picture is the bounty picked by two customers on Tuesday.  They were camped out in our third field picking the Bluettas all morning.  Believe it or not, there is still a lot of fruit in that field and there is still half the field left to ripen. 


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