Pick Your Own Blueberries in Strafford, NH

Lots of Blueberries!

I can’t believe we’re actually open and it amazes me that people actually came and picked berries.  The day started out cool and sunny but became cloudy for the afternoon.  At first only a few folks were there and I wondered if people would show up.  Gradually, the people came and we had a wonderful day.

It was great to see the same people who come every year.  The picture below is of a customer who has been coming to the field for years.  He picks the large buckets you see in the picture every single day and has one of my mom’s biscuits (muffins) every day.  He comes down from the fields filled with stories of the bears he wrestled in the field and other bits of New England folklore.  It wouldn’t be a blueberry season without him.

We have two early varieties for picking when we open, Earlyblue and Bluetta.  We worried about the pollination in our first field but early indications are that it’s a great year again.  Hopefully we can get people to pick in the last half of the field because it is loaded with blueberries.  I’m just amazed by the abundance!

Finally, I wanted to add a lovely picture of three children who came with their moms to pick today.  They have been coming for years and always have a great time picking and seemed to be having an extra good time eating their ice cream.   A great day!


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