Pick Your Own Blueberries in Strafford, NH

Count Down to Opening Day

Today was crazy! Actually, this week was crazy.  We have been working overtime to get the fields ready for opening day and yet we still didn’t get everything done.  Oh well…the blueberries are blue and need to be picked so tomorrow we open. 

Our apologies to the folks who got multiple emails announcing our opening and our apologies to the folks who didn’t get anything.  I’m going to have to hire a new computer team (that would be me!)  We have Metrocast as an ISP and for some reason anyone else who has Metrocast and has their firewall on could not receive our email (this is what the Metrocast tech support told my son).  Unfortunately, many Metrocast folks did not get our email announcement.

Our apologies to anyone who saw the Foster’s Daily Democrat ad and took a drive out today.  The ad did not say opening on Friday , July 11 and ultimately that was my fault because I proofed the ad.  If only the paper had not switched from an evening edition to a morning edition!

Other than the lawn mower breaking (again!) it has been a good week and hopefully it will be a great season.  Hope to see everyone at the farm!


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