Pick Your Own Blueberries in Strafford, NH

Five Weeks to Go!

The fields are looking good as we approach our July open date.  There are many blossoms this year but bee activity has been down.  Even though there has been no rain, almost every day has been extremely windy which cuts down on honeybee activity.  Time will tell what the fruit set looks like. 

This weekend we attended the Coe Brown Academy graduation in which our family handed out the first scholarship honoring my father who passed away last year.  There were many great applicants but in the end, we are very pleased with the young man who was awarded the scholarship.  He had many of the qualities my father had and we hope the money helps him realize his college dream.  My sister came up from New York to attend and we even persuaded her to enter the blueberry field on Sunday.  This is what city folk where in the blueberry field.Actually, she was on her way to the airport and was obviously hamming it up for the camera.  Too bad we didn’t have that enthusiasm every day!


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